Track 1 : Nanomaterials for Multifunctional Applications

Track 1: Nanomaterials for Multifunctional Applications

About the Track

For the past few decades, study of multifunctional nanomaterials has become one of the most attractive subjects for current scientific research. It is drawing significant attention for both academia and industries depending on their capability to regulate fundamental properties like optical, electrical, electronic, and magnetic due to the functionalization of nanomaterials based on the process of adding new functions or features depending on their application requirements. Such materials receive great deal of consideration owing to their synergy or enhanced properties compared with bulk counterparts. In present days, multi-functional nanomaterials are suitable to utilize in sectors like nanotechnology, agriculture, medicine, telecommunications, disaster management and environmental conservation due to their improved qualities. Therefore, it is an appropriate time to open a forum where a high quality and an exceptional knowledge exchange can take place among students, academics and industry researchers. 

  • Advances in Functional and Multifunctional Nanomaterials
  • Hybrid Nanomaterials
  • Shape Memory Materials
  • Thin Film Technology
  • Advances in Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Nanomaterials and Applications
  • Luminescent Nanomaterials and Applications
  • Energy Harvesting via Smart Nanomaterials
  • Nanomaterials for Superconductivity
  • Magnetic Nanomaterials
  • Flexible Nanomaterials for nano-electronics
  • Bioinspired Nanomaterials
  • Nanotechnology for Agriculture, Biomaterials, Tissue engineering, Theranostics
  • New Materials and Processing Technology
  • Emerging 2D-layered Nanomaterials
  • Nanomaterials for sensors and actuators
  • Theory and simulation of nanomaterials
  • Materials Informatics

About the Department

The Department of Physics, School of Basic Sciences was established at Manipal University Jaipur in 2011. The academic programs of the department include BSc (Hons)-Physics, MSc (Physics) and PhD.. The department conducts teaching courses for students of engineering disciplines and graduate/postgraduate courses for basic science students with Physics as major subject. The department is also involved in conducting interdisciplinary studies and research, with engineering and other basic science departments.The department is very active in teaching and research in areas of Material Science and Nanotechnology, along with the conventional courses.


Dr. Mahesh Kumar

Associate Professor, IIT Jodhpur

Dr. Shanta Dhar

Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Miami

Paper Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts should be typewritten or prepared on a word processor, with all material double-spaced, on one side of letter-sized paper, with suitably wide margins. All pages should be numbered consecutively, beginning with page 1, the title page. Tables and figures should be numbered serially, and legends to illustrations should be prepared on separate sheets. Tables and figures will be placed near their first mention in the text; all tables and figures must be referred to in the manuscript. To download the paper template click here